Leaders don’t create followers, leaders create leaders, it is this which differentiates a leader from a pretender.

Arif Khan helps businesses grow. His keen insights into what it takes to truly lead a world-class business are the result of 40+ years working with Fortune 500 and various small to medium-sized companies.

“The laws of flight are the same whether you are flying a single-engine Cessna or a Boeing 747, so are the laws of leadership they apply equally to a billion dollar multi-national or a small 10-person operation.” — Arif

Arif began his career while still in college studying computer engineering at Purdue University and working with Lincoln National Bank designing and implementing the first ATM network, next moving to Houston and managing the wide area network of Coastal Corporation, and then joined the Computer Task Group as Solutions Manager in that capacity He managed and implemented diverse projects for clients such as IBM, Pratt & Lambert, Ray-O-Vac, Briggs & Stratton and John Deere at times leading and managing teams of 75+ technical, marketing and support staff.

Arif decided in 1993 to dedicate his life and experience to helping small to medium-sized businesses succeed by utilizing the fortune 500 strategies and methodologies. “Most small to medium-sized business is operated on the sheer willpower of the founder it seems. I can make a rock fly given enough power, however, sustaining that flight is impossible, hence an almost 85% business failure within the first 5 years. “ –Arif

Arif’s objective is to equip and guide willing and able business owners to create a business that will fulfill their dreams and aspirations and work harder for them than they worked for it.

Does your business work harder for you, or do you work harder for it?