Bungon Homsombath

Bungon is an accomplished marketing professional, she is passionate about empowering women. Being raised by a single mother in Thailand she has first hand knowledge and experience of the plight of women in the so called “third world” countries and she is committed and dedicated to alleviate some of the suffering. She heads TCG’s International division especially working with NGOs actively involved in helping and supporting women to become self sufficient and productive part of the society.

“I am passionate about empowering women, because ultimately it is about our mothers who dedicate their whole lives to raising us, they who sacrifice everything so that we may grow strong and our lives be filled with joy. It is about our mothers who go hungry so we can have something to eat, our mothers who would gladly give up their lives just so that we may live. And it is also about the women like myself who want so much to help and support our mothers.” — Bungon