Why do Businesses Fail

If you google Why Businesses Fail you will get 823 million results in less than a second. Obviously, there is no consensus as to why a business fails. I can guarantee that is not your focus or at least it should not be.

We are focused on why businesses succeed, In my 40+ years, I have seen many failures, business and non-business. All of the failures I have witnessed had one thing in common and, that is the human arrogance that natural laws do not apply to us.

We all agree that all things in nature operate under very precise laws or rules, any deviation from that rule is catastrophic, and that nature is absolutely indifferent to who or what disobeyed the rule. It matters not if it is a completely innocent and ignorant baby or a fully grown man, stepping off the ledge of the cliff will produce exactly the same results “Death” for gravity does not care it simply works and works 100% of the time.

The business even though it is a human endeavor, it none the less has certain fundamental laws and rules which if not adhered to will result in absolute failure. 

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