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It is not what you know it is how you apply what you know

There are of course many books, many strategic gurus, many seminars and webinars on this topic, don’t believe me just google the word, in less than a second you will get about 2,320,000,000 results (0.72 seconds), with that much information on the subject you would think there will be no business failures, no strategic failures, yet that is not the case. WHY?

Knowing something and applying that knowledge appropriately are two very different activities, I know all about how a plane flies, I know the principal of flight, I know the governing laws of flight, I even know how to do pre-flight check, I can calculate the time and distance, I can even plot a flight plan, but I have no bloody idea how to fly the plane, an expert pilot on the other hand may or may not be able to tell you the physics, chemistry, tensile strength of the plane but rest assured he/she will get you to your destination safely and on time.

The question is how do you make decisions when it comes to seeking assistance, are you the kind who look for the name brand, piece of paper which testify to some badge of honer, an author who supposedly has written books on the subject, or are you interested in the results.

I am sure you have heard stories which attest to the fallacy I have explained above. Knowledge and application are not the same.